Employer's Guide to Discipline
Employer's Guide to Discipline
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Employer's Guide to Discipline
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Forms and Documents
  • Invitation to Discipline Hearing letter
  • Stage 1/Verbal Warning Letter
  • Stage 2/Written Warning Letter
  • Dismissal with Notice Letter
  • Dismissal without Notice Letter
  • Invitation to Appeal Hearing Letter
  • Outcome of Appeal Letter
Policies and Procedures
  • Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
  • Disciplinary Process Step-by-Step Guide
Management Guides
  • Management Guide to Discipline

This product is available for immediate download once you have purchased.

The Employer's Guide to Discipline has been written to help employers to investigate potential employee disciplinary problems and then undertake the hearings and warnings if required.

This product is available as an immediate download following your purchase.

Combining details that an employer needs to know about the law and how to handle discipline, The Employers Guide to Discipline has checklists, template forms, documents and tools to make sure you are fully in control to manage this process.

Use the Disciplinary Policy in your Staff Handbook, read the Management Guide so you know what to do and use the letters and step-by-step process to deal with an issue if you have a problem.

The Employer's Guide to Discipline explains how to manage discipline from an employer's point of view. From "Getting off to the right start" through to the dismissal and appeals, the Employer's Guide to Discipline provides you with the facts and documents you NEED.

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The Employment Document Company combines professional personnel knowledge with practical business experience.

Our policies, procedures and management guidance have been written by HR Professionals with 30 years experience.

Our Price: £45.00 exc vat