About The Employment Document Company�

The Employment Document Company™

The Employment Document Company™ exists to provide up-to-date employment documents for organisations of all sizes within the UK. The law applicable them is for England and Wales but may differ slightly to that which is applicable in Scotland which has its own legal system and Northern Ireland, where some elements of employment law are implemented separately from those in England and Wales.

The Employment Document Company™ and Greystones HR Consulting are both trading arms of Flather and Company Limited whose contact details are here.


Greystones HR Consulting™

Formed in 2005, Greystones HR Consulting brings over 30 years experience in Reward and Business Management issues. Our directors and consultants have many years  experience in providing Reward advice from Chairman and Senior Director level through to shop floor level.

Reward Support

Greystones HR Consulting specialises in Reward, Pay and Benefits.

Reward issues are common to all business, especially larger companies. Getting your reward packages right saves time and money and valuable employees.  As an employer, if you provide the right pay level and package for your staff, from shop floor through to directors, you can reduce labour turnover and absenteeism, both of which can be symptoms of deeper issues within the organisation.

Our specialist consultants bring director level experience in setting pay and benefits for all levels of jobs, developing pay structures using our own “points factor” job evaluation scheme. Setting the pay and benefits of directors requires specialist knowledge. Our reward consultants bring their many years of such specialist knowledge and experience in structuring reward packages for directors that reflect the combination of risk, performance and reward that good directors demand.